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To reflect the challenges of each client’s workplace, Western Safety services are customized to be relevant to their specific needs – not simply a “one size fits all” solution.

Western Safety is one of the leading health and safety providers in British Columbia today. The company has experience addressing the unique hazards of such diverse fields as construction, health care, government agencies, and the service sector.

Western Safety focuses on establishing the systems, information, and skill necessary to prevent and mitigate workplace accidents. Ultimately, by addressing workplace risks instead of just insuring against them, Western Safety saves lives, reduces injuries, protects property and equipment, and saves businesses money.

Occupational First Aid Courses:
-OFAL 1 (8 hours)
-OFAL 2 (40 hours)
-OFAL 3 (80 hours)
-Alberta Upgrade (8 hours)
*All course materials included

-Transportation Endorsement (8 hours)
-Child Care (8 hours)
-Residential Care (8 hours)
-Emergency First Aid (8 hours)
-Standard First Aid (16 hours)
-CPR Courses (3-8 hours)
-AED (8 hours)

-WHMIS (4 hours)
-Fall Protection (all levels)
-Personal Protection Equipment
-Respirator Protection
-Fit Testing
-Fire Safety
-Transportation Dangerous Goods
-Confined Space Entrant/Attendant

-Risk Management
-Risk Assessment
-Safety Audit
-COR Services

-Safety Committee
-Accident Prevention
-Workplace Inspection
-Ergonomic Inspection
-Violence in the Workplace
-Supervisor Due Diligence
-Occupational Safety for Small Employers
-Hazard Recognition and Control
We provide services for the public and commercial sectors.
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