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Bio Med Wash


For use by:
  • Emergency Room physicians and

  • Nurses

  • Emergency Medical

  • Technicians

  • Home and shop first aid kits

  • Employer first aid kits

  • Police and corrections officers

  • Forest fire fighters

  • Military personnel and medics
Bio Med Wash
  • Helps wash toxins, contaminants and irritants

  • Improves natural defenses, moisturizes, and

  • Promotes clotting and healing

  • Ideal wash for skin and eyes

  • Compatible with all other first aid products

  • Safe, sterile and quickly applied even under unsanitary conditions

  • Free from additives, salinity, chemicals, preservatives and buffers

  • Emergency eye irrigant, stimulates all-natural wash of chemical particulate irritants



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Bio Med Wash Sprays
Bio Med Wash Sprays
Price: $8.40 to $14.95
Bio Med Wash Stations
Bio Med Wash Stations
Price: $53.94
Bio Med Accessories
Bio Med Accessories


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