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How long is a hard hat good for?


According to CSA

The effective life of a hard hat varies with the make and model. Most hard hats have a recommended work life of between three and seven years. In accordance with the CSA Standard, CAN/CSA Z94.1-05, Industrial Protective Headwear – Performance, Selection, Care and Use, each manufacturer is supposed to provide this information on or with each hard hat sold. The CSA Standard recommends that manufacturers inform consumers that once a hard hat has exceeded its effective life, it should be replaced. The Standard also recommends that users should be checking their head protectors daily. If there is any damage to the shell or to the suspension, then it should be replaced right away. If the protector has been subjected to a heavy blow or been stressed by being run-over or compressed, it should also be replaced.

Some companies have internal policies on the life of a hard hat that you may have to follow. The bottom line like most personal safety products it is up to the user to insure that it is in good condition. This way should it be required to do the job it was designed for it will keep you safe and injury free.




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